Do you need to produce scratch card for your school or product promotional scratch card, then contact us today.

Production of our scratch card is done in a well secured tight environment and all scratch codes are guaranteed with confidentialty. Our charges are at a reasonable cost without compromising quality of the card.



Promote your product and services through a PROMOTIONAL SCRATCH & WIN CARD

Each of the scratch card have prizes to be won after scratching the covered area and also have serial number on it for reference. Prizes to be won would be items of your choice that you are willing to give out to your loyal customers in order to also maintain their loyalty and patronage. (It may be your company Souvenirs or a discount percentage to be won) There will be a star prize that will encourage customers to continue buying your product in order to win the star prize.

The scratch card is expected to be given to customers free of charge after buying certain reasonable amount of your product. Some of the scratch cards will also contain TRY AGAIN or FREE MOBILE NETWORK RECHARGE CODE. The scratch cards are expected to be collected back at the point or centre where prizes are redeemed.



Your organization is expected to provide us with information to be used on the card and these will include a label of your product, logo, contact addresses and phone numbers which will be useful to any prospective customers that may come across the cards or centres to redeem their prizes. The production of the scratch card is done by our organization after you have certified the design ok before we start the production.